The Phenomenon of Blogs

My initial repsonse to developing a personal social blogging network was incredibly positive. I think of the possibilities for connections with teaching professionals school wide and world wide, advocating for a holistic, play based approach to life and education. There have been times when I wished I had someone to converse with outside the school in which I worked,to gain a broader perspective; to access, reflect upon and respond to current  ideas, practices and advocacy of best practice. My wish has now been realized.

The next challenge is finding the right time and place to use this wondefrul new resource in a balanced way. Easy to say yet almost impossible to do for adults, yet alone children. For example, last weekend I was so immersed in reading the blog entries of my peers, listening to TED talks and making virtual connections with others, that it took my aching back and shoulders to tell me I needed to get my ass away from the computer! Mean while my children had been waiting for most of the day to go to the park….

One of the biggest concerns for me regarding blogging is the notion of a culture of people who blog first about current events, rather than be in the ‘now’ with current events. For example, a girl sees a traffic accident and her first response is to twitter about it, rather than offering to be of help as a first response. There are many real life examples of this, including my own outlined above. I knew I had been on the computer most of the day and my children were vocal about their feelings about this, yet still I found a way to rationalize in my mind a need to blog some more, at the expense of my physical health and well being, and quality time with my children….these are both things that I value in life….way more than blogging….so how did this happen?

Brandon Hoover’s Pecha Kucha presentation refered to the digital footprints we leave behind, and this is a critical concept to understand before and during one’s blogging journey. A focus on school wide dispositons i.e. balanced, ethical individuals is now needed more than ever within the blogging epidemic…but how do we teach this? And when is there time in our “standards” based grading system to teach this?

Perhaps we need to understand the system we currently use and where it came from before we can fully conceptualize the changes that are needed. Ken Robinson provides an excellent overview here:

The ideal school is one that understands the need to change educational paradims, puts new systems into place to support meaningful learning for the 21st centruy, and actively promotes students in a quest to leave behind ethical, caring, responsible, balanced and respectful digital footprints.



One thought on “The Phenomenon of Blogs

  1. You’re quite right, Anissa. It’s so easy to just lose yourself in your blog writing that everything else seems trivial and not as worthy of your time…and before you know it, a whole day has already passed. Guilty as charged! 🙂 I suppose blogging can get addicting especially when you start getting comments and having meaningful discussions with other people.
    However, regarding digital footprints, like you, I think that we need to be mindful of the things we choose to share and how to share them. Once in cyberspace,. forever in cyberspace!

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