Play, Technology and Life Skills in the Early Years

There is a strong connection between play and technology, as technology too promotes
‘tinkering’…The notion of exploring and developing a range of skills to support meaningful learning and life skills for the 21st century. As we know, the key
is using the right tools at the right time…

Pecha Kucha…I’m a big fan! I love Powerpoints as pictures say a thousand words, but I have the tendency to ‘waffle”…to talk too much 🙂 Having a set time of 20 seconds per slide forced me to stick to the point throughout the presentation. I was impressed with all the presentations today…well done everyone!




6 thoughts on “Play, Technology and Life Skills in the Early Years

  1. I thought your Pecha Kucha was really good – especially your calm and collected talking – felt like you had all the time in the world. You should’ve been a radio DJ.

  2. Your presentation was great; what I found wonderful was the fact that a lot of the language you used about the Early Years (communication, collaboration, respect for others, teamwork etc.) was just the same as that used in mine, about IB sciences. Is that articulation or what?

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