Goals and Web 2.0

What are my aims? To be perfectly honest, I need to gain a whole lot of confidence when it comes to working with IT, so that in turn I can offer more IT experiences in the classroom. Working in Preschool teaches me something new every day….and it is becoming more and more obvious that 3-5 year olds have an immense amount of knowledge of and interest in IT experiences. IT for me falls somewhere close to my fear of maths….and the self full filling prophecy that it is something “I’m not good at”. I’m determined to change both my attitude and abilities!

A close second to becoming more competent and confident working with IT is my desire to network with Early Years peeps. EDC601 totally enables me to develop a personal learning network – through blogging and twitter I’m learning just how big the new definition of networking is; it’s networking on a completely different level, and one that all passionate, play based, emergent curriculum peeps desperately seek. The thought of being connected to like-minded people regardless of distance and time is exciting. And last, my aim is to integrate IT into my classroom in meaningful ways, every single day.

So does Web 2.0 change teaching and learning?The answer is yes, and on so many different yet equally important levels. In my opinion, it has the potential to dramatically impact the rate in which education moves from a traditional approach to one that is progressive. It’s the difference between putting the concept of play/ inquiry based learning on a train and sending the train around the world to putting it on Star Treks space ship!!! It has serious implications for positive educational change as advocates around the world are able to connect, collaborate and empower others to be advocates. On the other end of the extreme, every student in every classroom will no longer view teaching and learning the same after Web 2.0….it makes it clear that a change in education is long overdue, whether you look at it from a student, teacher, administration, classroom or philosophical level.


4 thoughts on “Goals and Web 2.0

  1. It’s interesting to see how Pre-K students approach technology. Bella, for example, can figure out how to turn on the wifi on our iPad, navigate to YouTube, view the “history” and find Barbie videos… all at the age of 4. It’ll be incredible to watch the next generation embrace these tools and teach us about how society can operate differently.

    • Totally agree! I asked my 8 year old son Josh what he was doing on the computer yesterday and he replied “Just using Utube to download the cheats so I can see how to finish the level on my PSP Ben Ten game”. Ha! I feel empowered and somewhat envious of the confdience and ease of which our children work with technology…and am deternined to re-train myself so that I too can work with technolgy in this way…attitide is the first step (Im hoping) 🙂

  2. Hey Anissa… have a look at the Chris Lehman presenting at IgnitePhilly video. Its on the wiki and its powerful stuff. I got my ipad problem sorted eventually but I should by rights have just let them figure it out tomorrow themselves. 🙂

  3. We all need more confidence in the use of the techical parts of IT. For sure one thing is its use. It is interesting to see how are we going to balance the use of technology making sure that the social part does go away. I find it controversion to find kids more aware of the uses of machines but maybe losing some important interactions in the process.
    I presume the fact that we are social learners will encourage us to keep it up -but- at the same time how do we also make sure that the uses of the machines and its ways doesn’t eliminate our desire to continue growing on a healthy environment that embraces changes but that also it does embrace nature.
    Like you, I also and definetely want to improve in the knowledge of how to use technology feautures but looking as well to balance it so then my kids in class are able to value the skills that made us get were we are but with a better understanding of the cause and effects.
    Is funny that kids like our students use “cheat” as a normal part of the vocabulary trying to get better in the way they are learning their games to improve while we might consider in a classroom set up we will call it diferently.

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